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If you must die, sweetheart
Die knowing your life was my life’s best part

If you must live, darling one,

Just live
Just live
J u s t   l i v e.

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yeah, i didn’t choose it

what would you have chosen?


In the Flesh appreciation week - Day three : favorite living character

When Kieren left, my family… My family went into free fall. Jemima became a white hot ball of rage I couldn’t reason with and Steve - there’s that joke about the best husband being a mute husband - but the reality of watching someone you’ve known and loved for so long just shutting down in front of you is… is awful. And at its worst point with both of them I blamed Kieren. I was so bloody mad with him. It’s horrible to feel that way about someone, especially your only son.

"Tell me what you want, Keiren. I’ll do anything I can to give it to you. ‘Cause there’s what I believe… and then there’s you."